WIN Herastrau is an exclusive real estate ensemble, located in the northern area of the capital — Soseaua Nordului neighbourhood. It includes 6 buildings (2S+DS+P+5E) with apartments composed of 1-4 bedrooms and offering across all its components comfort, safety, functionality, and beauty.

The core of our team – PSC Group – unites the perspectives and experience of two generations in the constructions and real estate development sectors. The sometimes contrasting interplay of opinions has always led to creative solutions and solid fundamentals, placing us in the vanguard of our field.

The ingenuity of matching and reflecting each member’s contribution was, probably, the first and most important step towards harmony.

This cohesion is manifested equally in interpersonal relationships as it is in the functionality and aspect of our work. WIN Herastrau is an excellent exponent of this ideal. Beginning from colours and shapes, our architecture division — Metrik Arhitecti Asociati — elaborated a balanced plan, without stringency while avoiding monotony through unique facades. An example of this approach is replacing the classic balconies with inter-crossing loggias.

Together with Professional Consulting Engineers, Bettco Consulting and Vision Energy Partners — our structural resistance division, electrical, sanitary and thermal installation team and project management team respectively — we have incorporated structural elements to not be visible from apartment interiors.

The entire WIN Herastrau cadre, both the natural and human-made, are inviting to conviviality and collaboration. Pedestrian alleyways and the adjacent park contribute to a relaxing and warm atmosphere for adults and children alike. The private leisure space, as well as other reservation-based facilities, are meant to facilitate daily activities and to socialize.

WIN Herastrau ensemble is built upon the pillars of harmony and cultivates its spirit. Thanks to these characteristics, it is distinguished through elegance, charm and the feeling of belonging.



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