Structural Design

Professional Consulting Engineers is a Romanian legal entity specialized in consulting, management and project management in constructions – founded by two structural engineers, Bogdan Radu, and Dragoș Mihăilă. They have gained, throughout their activity, a valuable vision on aspects such as structural design, project concept management, consulting, due diligence, cost estimation, building execution timelines, permits, construction site supervising and quality control. Along the years, Professional Consulting Engineers has maintained a strong partnership with Viena Consulting Engineers, collaborating on many projects. This professional collaboration was appreciated by local manager Marcus Stu and managing partner Wolfgang Dietrich Denk.

In conceptualizing the specific structural design for the WIN Herastrau project, Professional Consulting Engineers has worked with world-renown companies such as Freyssinet, Soletanche Bachy as well as respected Romanian engineers such as Mr. Manole-Stelian Șerbulea (geotechnical and hydrogeologic studies, no impact on neighbouring buildings). Professional Consulting Engineers has participated in many notable projects, among which:

  • Fontanastrase, residential, 40.000 sqm, Viena
  • Innova Bau Concept, Husavik – Iceland

  • Mava, highway bridge, Rotterdam
  • Green Line, Doha – Qatar
  • Alternative Eco Energy, residential, 6.300 sqm, Craiova
  • Orhideea Towers, office building, 37.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • Tusk Hotel, hotel, 4.800 sqm, Sinaia
  • City Gate Office, Bucharest
  • Amazon Office, Iasi


Architectural Design

Metrik Architecture is a Romanian legal entity renowned for their ability to find innovative solutions for the most complex problems.

Metrik Architecture was founded by the architect Vlad Baloșin, member of the Architects Order of Romania and assistant at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. His mission is finding innovation and creative expression in the context of cultural, environmental and external constraints. With over ten years of experience, Mr. Vlad Baloșin is recommended both by collaborators as well as by clients, such as Prof. Dana Chirvai, Robert Dumitru, Carol Dermengiu. Metrik’s Architecture working methods have always prioritized quality and the pursuit of value growth. In the spirit of these principles, Metrik Architecture has been involved in office and residential developments, such as:

  • Serban Voda Office Building, 10.000 sq.m, Bucharest
  • Pipera-Tunari 233-237, residential, office, and commerce project, 135.000 sq.m, Bucharest
  • Residential complex Calea 13 Septembrie, high-end residential project, Bucharest


Electric, sanitary and thermal installation design

Designing installations for WIN Herastrau were done by Bettco Consulting. Bettco Consulting is a legal entity with vast experience in installation design.

The company was founded by Mihai Husch (24 years of experience), professor at the Technical Construction University of Bucharest and member of the Romanian National Lighting Committee, and Tiberiu Bărbosu (18 years of experience), member of the Installation Engineers Association, specialized in the green energy domain (holds a Breeam International evaluation license). The success of Bettco Consulting is based on knowledge, talent, energy, and imagination put into practice.

Among the most notable projects of Bettco Consulting are:

  • Global Business Center, office building, 11.000 sqm, Bucharest

  • Lakeview, office building, 26.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • World Bank – central headquarters in Romania
  • Millenium Center – Bucharest
  • Doamna Ghica Plaza, residential project, over 50.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • Luxuria Domenii Residence, residential project, 75.000 sqm, Bucharest

  • Irmex, residential project, 40.000 sqm, Bucharest


Project Management

Vision Energy Partners is a legal entity specialized in project management, with a business-oriented approach, which ensures timely project delivery, with an emphasis on cost and quality.

Founded by Mr. Claudiu Guță, project manager with over ten years of experience, Vision Energy Partners benefits from extensive local market and supply chain knowledge, varied team expertise (engineering, design, project management, cost management, project cycle, “best in class” worksite administration and representation), robust cost management based on recent local data, experience with international businesses (Salzburg Investment Group, Heubach Invest GMBH & Co Grobgmain, Erste Private Banking), cost databases and a reliable delivery strategy. Vision Energy Partners’ examples of professional excellence include:

  • Urban Spaces 1, 2, 3 & 4, residential projects, 19.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • Greenfield Residence phases 7.1 and 7.3, residential project, 48.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • Vitantis Shopping Center, retail project, 8.000 sqm, Bucharest
  • Erste Private Banking, office building, Bucharest
  • Modul Park Investment, industrial project, 40.000 sqm, Ploiești
  • Dumbrava Vlasiei, residential project developed over 90 acres, Ilfov County



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